Longest Series Tournament

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19 December, 22:45

As a few cooks have been found, the problems have been modified as follows: Cornel‘s B2 has been replaced with a B2/63/11, Ján & Ivan’s B1 by a B1/70/17, and their B2 by a B2/58/12.

14 December, 01:51

The results can be found here.

14 December, 00:02

GONG !! End of the tournament ! Thank you all for a great and interesting one as always. Congratulations to all the participants, they all did incredibly well, as you will soon see. I will publish the results probably in about an hour or two, patience..

14 December, 20:22

I made a silly mistake, and rolled-back the news site a few days backward, an hour or two ago (thanks Cornel for notifying me about it !). So to be fair, the tournament will actually end two hours later than planned, that is @ 00:00 GMT+1 (in 3 hours and a half) !

14 December, 11:17

The fight is on ! Cornel takes the lead again with a B2/67/12 !!

14 December, 00:35

Exciting ending of the tournament ! Ján & Ivan take the lead now in category B2 with a most lovely B2/66/12, and also get very close to Cornel in B1 with a B1/76/17, having a record 11 vulcans !!

12 December, 22:28

Hum.. kof kof.. how to present this ?! Well.. Arno storms through with an absolutely incredible C1/130/23 !! Another beautiful and intricate problem..

11 December, 22:28

Ralf also reaches the 100 mark in the D1 category with an elegant and intricate D1/101/20, and Alain also improves considerably with a C1/62/18, getting quite close to Ralf, and starts C2 with a C2/32/12 ! 3 days left !

09 December, 10:28

Cornel improves still with a D1/132/18 !

02 December, 23:22

Welcome to Branko Koludrovic ! He and Arno improve with an impressive A1/123/18 !! Branko has also agreed to be coauthor in A2, since the matrix is based on one of his problems. It would have been of course acknowledged anyway in the results. Less than 2 weeks left now till the end of the tournament..

16 November, 00:42

Cornel continues to break records, with another incredible D1/131/17 and a D2/91/12 !!

13 November, 22:18

Ján & Ivan improve in the D2 category with a beautiful D2/63/12 !

6 November, 21:50

Cornel breaks the 120 barrier with a D1/121/21 !!

4 November, 23:11

Arno also passes the 100 and takes the lead again with an incredible A1/111/16 !!

1 November, 20:27

Cornel improves even more, with a lovely D1/119/17 and a D2/80/12 !!

27 October, 21:30

Which he improved considerably, with an incredible D1/119/18 !!

26 October, 00:03

Cornel improves in categories D1 and D2 with two lovely new entries, a D1/104/17 and a D2/75/12 !!

18 October, 22:36

And we have two new great entries.. Ralf takes the lead in category A1 with a very elegant and intricate A1/90/20, and Ján & Ivan break the 10 vulcans bar with a beautiful B1/70/17 !!

16 October, 21:49

Cornel is on a roll, and drastically improves in both categories A1 and A2 with a very nice A1/71/15 and an A2/61/12 respectively !! Just a note, for the Vertical Mirror Circe categories, one can have two bishops for one side of the same square color in the position, without requiring a promotion, thus it is perfectly valid..

15 October, 19:47

Ján & Ivan get very close to Cornel with a beautiful B2/58/12 !

12 October, 10:10

And also significantly in category A1 with a very nice A1/56/17 !

7 October, 22:45

Ralf improves in category A2 with an A2/36/11 !

6 October, 21:34

Ján & Ivan improve with a B1/65/16 !

5 October, 00:35

Cornel improves with an A2/42/11 and an A2/44/13, and Ján & Ivan with a B1/64/18 !

27 September, 09:05

Cornel continues to improve with a very nice A2/40/9 !

26 September, 22:52

Sébastien & Cornel both improved in the A2 category with an A2/31/10 and an A2/33/12 respectively !

25 September, 11:03

And also in category A2 with an A2/31/12 !

24 September, 14:16

Ralf starts in category A1 with an elegant A1/41/18 !

23 September, 10:13

Good morning everyone 🙂 Cornel improves considerably with a most elegant B2/63/11 !!

22 September, 18:29

Cornel succeeded to C+ validate his B2/57/11 entry, after an incredible 330 hours !! That’s about 14 days of constant calculations ! I wonder if spinach was on the menu… 🙂

18 September, 20:35

Ralf takes the lead with a beautiful C1/70/23, while Cornel improves with a surprising B2/57/11 !! Please note that several of the entries in this tournament are only partially validated.. thus there is always some slight risk that there may be a refutation.

14 September, 08:48

Which they improve with one less piece, thus a B1/58/13, getting very close to passing to B2 !

13 September, 23:23

Jan & Ivan improve their previous B1 entry with a very nice B1/58/14 featuring 8 vulcans  !

8 September, 09:27

And Cornel takes again the lead with a B2/54/11 !

7 September, 22:49

The battle at the top for B2 continues… Cornel first finds a beautiful B2/48/11, to which Jan & Ivan respond with a B2/52/11 !

6 September, 23:17

And it’s not over, they also start category B1 with a B1/52/14 !!

6 September, 22:07

Jan & Ivan also continue to improve in category B2 with a nice B2/47/11 !

5 September, 21:05

Jan & Ivan improve significantly with a very subtle and elegant D2/85/17 !

4 September, 20:51

And Jan & Ivan retake the lead with a B2/43/11…

4 September, 17:37

Cornel takes the lead in category B2 with an elegant B2/43/12 !

4 September, 16:21

Jan & Ivan improve with a lovely B2/42/9, just 9 pieces !

4 September, 11:37

Jan & Ivan continue to improve with a D1/69/16 !

2 September, 08:13

Welcome to Sébastien Luce ! He starts with a beautiful A2/27/9…

1 September, 19:29

Jan & Ivan improve yet more with a B2/42/10 !

30 August, 21:53

Jan & Ivan improve with a lovely D2/52/12, and start D1 with a D1/67/16 !

30 August, 18:54

Alain improves with a beautiful C1/50/19 and takes the lead in that category !

29 August, 20:10

Arno improves with a C1/49/21 !

28 August, 19:46

Cornel continues the ascent with a great B1/84/23 !!

28 August, 19:07

Arno takes the lead in C1 with a very nice C1/47/20 !

28 August, 09:27

And another wow… Ralf finds a most beautiful D1/90/20, quite complex and intricate !! I love the creative ideas that the participants think about…

26  August, 19:27

Wow… now that’s a nice surprise… Cornel storms through with an unbelievable B1/76/22 !! With no less than 9 vulcans !! (I will write vulcans from now on to denote either justified volcanic rebirths or effects)

25 August, 18:30

Jan & Ivan continue to improve with a B2/41/9 !

25 August, 11:09

Ralf starts the D1 category with an interesting D1/48/16 !

25 August, 07:55

Cornel finds a beautiful B2/36/12 and gets very close to Jan & Ivan ! Interestingly, Jan & Ivan uncovered a bug in Popeye for the Circe Volcanic. A position which results in C+, clearly has additional solutions. So we should be a little bit careful when verifying.

22 August, 19:30

Cornel breaks the 100 mark, with… a most elegant D1/100/20 !! Arno also improves considerably with an A2/84/12, and an A1/89/14 !! The A2 is C+, but the A1 couldn’t be validated… even after leaving it for two nights straight. It is probably correct though. I will accept partially validated entries if there is no way to verify them in a reasonable time…

22 August, 10:57

Cornel greatly improves with two beautiful entries, a D2/70/12 and a D1/81/17 !!

21 August, 12:12

Cornel finds Paul‘s D2/30/4 !

20 August, 17:35

Welcome to Paul Raican ! He starts with a surprising and lovely D2/30/4 !!

20 August, 14:03

Arno improves considerably with an incredible A2/74/11 !!

20 August, 11:41

Cornel starts the B1 category with another highly intricate and complex B1/41/18 !

19 August, 20:40

Jan & Ivan start category D2 with a highly intricate but beautiful D2/45/11 !!

19 August, 19:27

Cornel improves even more and reaches the 30 mark with an elegant B2/30/9 !

19 August, 07:34

Cornel also improves with a beautiful B2/24/7 !

19 August, 07:12

Jan & Ivan have done it again ! They improved with an incredible B2/40/9, having no less than 5 volcanic rebirths/effects !! That is impressive, and far from trivial. I will from now on also grant 5 additional points if all the volcanic captures (all the “->v” in popeye’s solution) are either followed by a rebirth or an effect that are meaningful, and there are at least 3 of them. I think that’s a challenge by itself, and is very nice from a problem’s harmony point of view. As we are still in the initial stage of the tournament, I hope it is ok.

18 August, 20:17

Jan & Ivan improve with a brilliant B2/32/12 !! Cornel also starts in this category with a very nice B2/19/7 !

18 August, 12:40

Welcome to Alain Biénabe ! He starts with an elegant C1/40/19…

17 August, 21:39

Cornel takes the lead with an interesting and somewhat unusual A2/23/9 !

17 August, 18:41

Welcome to Cornel Pacurar ! He starts by finding the same nice entry as Arno‘s ! Thus an A2/10/2…

17 August, 15:06

Arno improves with an A2/10/2 !! Is it possible to do better with just 2 pieces ?!

17 August, 12:32

Ralf starts the C2 category with a lovely C2/43/11, and Jan & Ivan with another beautiful entry, a B2/29/6 having 4 volcanic rebirths/effects !! A very intricate problem…

17 August, 11:26

Welcome to Arno Tüngler ! He starts with a cute A2/7/2 ! Yes… just 2 pieces !! 😉 A nice one to try to find… There may be even more with just 2 pieces.

17 August, 10:15

Thinking about the parry theme. The parry moves themselves should logically also be taken in account I believe. So the total number of points would be: 5 x [justified volcanic effects/rebirths] + number of moves by black + number of parry moves by white.

17 August, 08:09

Welcome to Jan Golha & Ivan Skoba ! They start with an unbelievable B2/28/5 !! A lovely problem, with 3 justified volcanic rebirths !!

17 August, 07:49

Welcome to Ralf Krätschmer ! First tournament’s entry, with a very nice C1/44/13 !

16 August, 23:13

Many thanks to Thomas Brand for informing me that Popeye has moved to Github, and the latest version is not 4.69 but 4.75 ! The info has been updated in the introduction page. He also informed me that there is another very nice interface for Popeye that I was not aware of, Teddy by Bjorn Enemark.

15 August, 15:41

A precision for the 2nd theme. I modified from 2 volcanic rebirths, to 2 volcanic effects/rebirths. Indeed, with this condition, a piece can have a profound effect without even being reborn yet ! So that would count as well.

15 August, 10:36

A new 4th theme has been presented, using the Take&MakeChess condition combined with a Circe variant, and I must say I’m pretty much excited by the prospects of that one as well. It should allow for beautiful creative ideas…

15 August, 07:58

Thanks to Arno Tüngler for notifying me that the 4th theme was already worked on previously ! So I will come up with a new one today…

14 August, 22:03

GONG !! Good luck to all ! 🙂

14 August, 18:39

Hello World !


Theme A
Category 1
(min 40 moves)


Number of moves

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Branko Koludrovic, Arno Tüngler 123 18 2 December, 15:34
Ralf Krätschmer 90 20 19 October, 19:01
Cornel Pacurar 71 15 16 October, 07:50

Category 2 (12 pieces max)


Number of moves

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Branko Koludrovic, Arno Tüngler 84 12 20 August, 15:59
Cornel Pacurar 61 12 16 October, 07:58
Ralf Krätschmer 36 11 8 October, 12:56
Sébastien Luce 31 10 26 September, 19:27

Theme B
Category 1 (min 20 points)


Number of points

Number of volcanic rebirths/effects

Number of moves (black+white)

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Cornel Pacurar 84 9 34 23 28 August, 19:27
Ján Golha & Ivan Skoba 70 10 15 17 19 October, 14:56

Category 2 (12 pieces max)


Number of points

Number of volcanic rebirths/effects

Number of moves (black+white)

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Cornel Pacurar 63 8 18 11 23 September, 23:38
Ján Golha & Ivan Skoba 58 8 13 12 14 October, 19:50

Theme C
Category 1
(min 40 moves)


Number of moves

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Arno Tüngler 130 23 12 December, 17:32
Ralf Krätschmer 70 23 15 September, 20:48
Alain Biénabe 63 18 10 December, 11:08

Category 2 (12 pieces max)


Number of moves

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Ralf Krätschmer 43 11 17 August, 11:29
Alain Biénabe 32 12 10 December, 11:08

Theme D
Category 1
(min 30 moves)


Number of moves

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Cornel Pacurar 132 18 09 December, 01:15
Ralf Krätschmer 101 20 09 December, 17:53
Ján Golha & Ivan Skoba 85 17 5 September, 16:27

Category 2 (12 pieces max)


Number of moves

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Cornel Pacurar 91 12 15 November, 21:17
Ján Golha & Ivan Skoba 63 12 13 November, 12:49
Paul Raican 30 4 20 August, 17:34